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Our Mission: To secure the benefits payable under the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act on a non-profit and cost-effective basis for selected employers over the long term.

99.1% Member Retention on Renewal
9,000+ Claims Managed Per Year

Our Coverage Solutions

Longshore Workers' Compensation is our focus and our specialty. We strive to provide premier coverages needed for all types of maritime clients. Our expansive offerings are designed to fit the needs of all facets of our Members business.

United States Longshore & Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act (LHWCA)

We provide coverage for Federal Workers’ Compensation as required by the Longshore Act and its’ extensions to our Members on an unlimited statutory basis. We are also approved to provide coverage for each of the following extensions under the Longshore Act: Defense Base Act (DBA), Outer Continental Shelf & Lands Act (OCSLA), The Nonappropriated Fund Instrumentalities Act (NAFIA)


Our SafeShore program was created to meet the market demand for cost-effective, responsive Longshore Workers’ Compensation coverage for smaller waterfront employers. Backed by the Signal Mutual Indemnity Association, SafeShore provides full statutory Longshore Act coverage at fixed, not filed rates.

State Act Companion Program

While Signal is not able to offer State Workers’ Compensation coverage, we have arranged for a companion State Act program, managed as a fixed cost facility and available to only Signal and SafeShore Members.

Commercial Auto Quoting Platform

In response to the continued dislocation in the commercial auto market and growing needs of our Membership, Members of the Mutual are now able to obtain commercial auto coverage from multiple A rated (or higher) carriers with national capabilities. Reach out to find out more on this program!

Safety is core to Signal

Signal Mutual partners with our Members to foster a safe environment - one that enables everyone to arrive home safely.

Our Signal Safety Resources Team works with Signal Members to positively influence safety culture and support the effective implementation of each company’s safety management system. Together, we strive to achieve an incident-free culture within the Mutual. Nothing is more important than working collaboratively with our Membership so that all our Member employees can return home injury-free. By teaming with Member executives, management, supervisors, and employees, we continue to encourage daily engagement, increased levels of commitment, and active participation in safety at their workplaces.

Connecting the Membership

Signal strongly believes in the exchange of experiences, solutions, and knowledge by facilitating connections. Our Members collaborate on projects, share best practices, and benchmark their processes. ‘Members Helping Members’; it's one of the many advantages of our Mutual.

Measuring KPI's

We measure what we seek to improve. Selecting and monitoring Key Performance Indicators provides actionable insight into the frequency and quality of the processes that identify and control risk. Data collected and analyzed leads to informed decision making within our Membership and drives continuous improvement.

Remote & Virtual Support

When the issue of time or distance arises, we can use our remote capabilities to ensure quality service to our Members. Our team has the capability to assist Member organizations with all aspects of their safety management system through live video conferencing.

Safety Meetings & Training

Our Signal Safety Committee, Regional Roundtables, Leadership Forums, and other local events link Members and provide solutions to common industry challenges. Regional and site specific training develops our workforce, management, and senior leaders.

“First Call” Resource

Signal Safety Managers maintain a unique relationship with the Members in each region. Often, they are the “First Call” when a question or challenge arises. We utilize the depth of experience on the Safety Resources Team to provide answers and propose solutions.