What we do
This is your Mutual

Signal is dedicated to the service and support of its employer Members, who own the Mutual and hold the right to vote on changes to the Association’s Bye-Laws. We are a Bermuda-domiciled, non-profit mutual organization authorized by the Department of Labor as a Group Self-Insurer.

Why Signal?

Signal has partnered with waterfront employers for over 35 years, offering effective solutions to their most demanding Workers’ Compensation issues. When you become a Signal Member, you’re not just gaining access to industry-leading expertise – you’re joining a supportive community of forward-thinking leaders, committed to mutual success. The benefits of Signal Mutual Membership are evident in our consistently high Member retention rates and our ability to attract new Members annually. Explore the advantages we offer our Members below.

Member Driven Rates

Our objective is to deliver coverage at cost to our Members, which we achieve by balancing their experience records over a five-year period in line with the acceptable loss ratio.

Cost Effectiveness

Operating without an embedded profit margin, Signal does not have an obligation to deliver profit to shareholders. This competitive advantage is showcased by the fact that over our history, more than 91% of every dollar of premium paid by Members goes to paying out claims.

Breadth of Coverage

Signal provides unlimited coverage for benefits under the Longshore Act and its extensions. Additionally, and at no extra cost, we provide contingent Maritime Employers’ Liability Coverage up to $1 million.

Management Experience

Our management team possess years of expertise in all aspects of Longshore coverage and are supported by teams of experienced industry professionals, all working to achieve the best results for our Members.

Claims Management Expertise

Our claims management team has an average of twenty-five years’ experience managing Longshore Claims, allowing them to provide optimal resolution to claims for our Members. Our claims managers are also able to provide key reports to our Members, leveraging our proprietary eManager claims software tool.

Safety Services

Safety is the keystone to the success of Signal and its Members. Our Safety Team works tirelessly with our Members to imbed a culture of workplace safety, which has proven to help reduce accidents and improve worker safety. In addition to individualized training and audits, the team also offers numerous seminars and educational sessions throughout the year to foster continuous learning and updates on technology and best practices.

Member Meetings

The strength of the Mutual has always resided in our relationships. To foster an environment of collaboration and camaraderie, Signal hosts two Annual Member Meetings for our full Membership, as well as our Broker partners. These gatherings are an excellent way to build and solidify relationships, while providing an update on the Association to the Membership. We also host an annual Maritime Conference, focused on providing educational sessions and updates on legislation across the industry.