Commercial Auto Quoting Platform
At Signal, we are committed to continually innovating in the services we offer to our Membership. Launched in August 2020, our Commercial Auto Quoting Platform was designed to respond to dislocations that exist in the commercial auto insurance market and growing needs of the Membership.

Signal has partnered with Risk Exchange (REX) to provide exclusive access to Signal Members of a Commercial Auto Quoting Platform; we strongly encourage all to explore a quote. Signal Mutual continues to have no financial or operational involvement in the arrangement, but the strength and quality of the Mutual’s membership was critical in gaining the attention and willingness to quote for the markets REX has been engaging. The long-term success and viability of this program will continue to be reliant on strong engagement from the Mutual’s Brokers and Membership.

The risk appetites of the carriers are broad, though there could be risks that fall outside of their appetite. Generally, the following classes would likely elicit limited response: 

  • Public auto – Charter Buses 
  • Livery/Couriers/Limos, Taxis 
  • Hazardous materials haulers 
  • Mono-line HNOA 
  • Freight Forwarders/Brokerage Operations 


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