Our History
Established in January 1986 by our two founding Members, Signal is the largest self-insured group provider of Longshore benefits in the United States, created with the objective of meeting the demands of multiple industries for reasonable and stable workers’ compensation insurance rates.

Signal Mutual has become the dominant provider in the industry, with a diverse and successful Membership. We have continued to innovate and adapt over the years, with introductions of new offerings such as the State Act and SafeShore programs and, most recently, the formation Sage Adjusting. We look forward to continuing to expand and diversify our Membership and service for years to come.

Charles Taylor Partnership

Charles Taylor serves as an essential partner to Signal Mutual, helping to optimize business operations and claims services for the Association’s Membership.

Charles Taylor Group companies are key providers for technology, investment management, claims payments, human resources, and internal audit functions. Charles Taylor Consulting (Hamilton) acts as Manager of the Association, in a role it has held for over 35 years.

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