New Focus on Safety: Workplace Distractions, Slip, Trip & Fall, Stand-Down

The SMIA Safety Committee and Signal Safety Team have created a library of topics for Safety Meetings, or Toolbox Talks called Focus on Safety

Please see below for information on these 3 new Focus on Safety Discussions:

Delivering Effective Safety Stand-Downs

A Safety Stand-down is a crucial tool in change management and ensuring a safe work environment for all employees. It provides a platform for management to address concerns, solicit feedback, and create a sense of urgency around safety issues.

Distractions Hurt, So Focus On Your Safety

Remaining focused at work is essential for preventing accidents, injuries, and fatalities. However, we aren’t machines and there are many ways people get distracted.  When people are distracted, they put themselves, their coworkers, and their company in jeopardy.

Don’t SLIP UP on Safety: Slip, Trip, & Fall Awareness

Year in and year out, slip, trip, and fall (S/T/F) incidents are among the leading causes of severe injuries and fatalities across our industry. Within the Mutual, Members typically experience 30 or more S/T/F incidents each month across the country.

Supervisors and Managers' Roles in Managing Workplace Distractions

It is very difficult for a supervisor or manager to avoid distractions like meetings, phone calls, emails, and multitasking. Because of their responsibilities, supervisors, and managers should be aware that they are typically in a state of distraction when at work. If their role requires them to visit hazardous work environments, they should be extra cautious.


Check out our full Focus on Safety Library on the Safety Resources page.

If you have suggestions for a Focus on Safety topic that could help your company or the Mutual, please get in touch with your local Signal Safety Manager.