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The Marine Construction, Dredging, Offshore, Diving, and Energy (M-CODED) Subcommittee is excited to share its finished deliverables. Members Helping Members

Please see the completed projects from your M-CODED committee!

Float Stage Transportation Procedure: Throughout the course of a project, float stages will need to be moved from one location to another in order to execute the work. Please see the procedure for the transportation of float stages. 

Job Hazard Analysis: Moving Float StagesTemplate for JHA on Moving Float Stage

Barge Access: Due to the specialized nature and location of our work, gangway & walkway systems are critical to the safety of our employees, subcontractors, inspectors, and visitors as well as to the efficiency of building our jobs. With barges in constant motion on the water due to changing tides, listing of barges, vessel traffic and current, the selection, installation and maintenance of access systems is essential when providing safe access to and from barges, and to other work areas on the water including but not limited to false work members and waterfront structures. Click on the link above for full article. 

Barge Access PowerPoint: This is a Template for Member use and is intended to be customized by the end user with jobsite-specific hazards, policies, procedures, and pictures/videos

Marine Construction Walking Card