New Solutions at Work: Small Vehicle Visibility Flags; Top Handler Spreader Container Deflectors & YAK TRAX – A Simple Solution for Slippery Conditions

What is it? Solutions-at-Work or “SAW” are individual ideas where a Member of the Mutual looked at an existing hazard and, through their employee’s years of experience, knowledge, or creativity, developed a Solution to the problem that eliminated or reduced the hazard to employees and the chance of injury.

Please see below for information on these 3 new Solutions at Work: 

Small Vehicle Visibility Flags

Small vehicles are difficult to see as they are driven around the terminals amongst the stacks of containers.

Top Handler Spreader Container Deflectors

Overlapping containers present hazards to top handler equipment operators while working in container stacks. The potential exists for containers in adjacent cells to be inadvertently caught and hoisted by the top of the spreader causing containers to topple.

YAK TRAX – A Simple Solution for Slippery Conditions

Many areas of yards and terminals are slippery in the winter months due to ice and snow. Yak Trax is a simple slip-on cleat that provides better traction on ice and snow.


Full library under the Safety Resources Library in the Safety Resources section.

If you have similar operations, please share this Operational Alert with operation managers, supervisors, equipment operators, and all affected employees. It is imperative that management, at all levels, review their operations for similar hazardous conditions, acts, and controls.